Bridging Eastern and Western Psychiatry
Мост между Восточной и Западной п&#

Emil Kraepelin (1865-1926)

Emil Kraepelin.

"The concept of dementia praecox is fully kraepelinian. Also the the assembling and the distinction of single symptoms are almost solely work by Emil Kraepelin".

So Eugen Bleuler has written in the Introduction of his book Dementia Praecox oder Gruppe der Schizophrenien (1911) where the term schizophrenia has been proposed for the first time

Based on the course and the early cognitive impairment toward defeckt Kraepelin combined together dementia paranoides, simplex and hebephrenia with catatonia. The though disorders was conceptualized in terms of the associationistic psycology.

Also for the Bipolar Disorder the contribution of Kraepelin was very important: he created the manicdepressive psychosis, comprising all forms of depression and mania (in the eight edition of his textbook).. The manicdepressive illness had the characteristics of the endogenicity, the periodic course and the good prognosis.

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