Bridging Eastern and Western Psychiatry Мост между Восточной и Западной психиатрией

In March 2002 in Saint Petersburg (Russia), during the conference Dissociation in order to enhance the confrontation, developed in these years, we have founded a new journal Bridging Eastern and Western Psychiatry Мост между Восточной и Западной психиатрией The first volume is published in English, the second in Russian. The journal is aimed to increase relationships between Eastern and Western psychiatrists.

You can consult the numbers of the journal Bridging Eastern and Western Psychiatry

Our previous steps
The journal "Psichiatria e Territorio" (Psychiatry and Territory [country, fatherland] has been founded in 1984 . Actually it is published by Teseo Ricerche Publisher, corso Italia, 108, 56125 Pisa, Italy.

In Lviv (Ukraine), during a meeting organized by the journal and the Institute of Clinical Psychiatry in October 1998, this WEB site has been projected like a bridge for the exchange of experiences, in the field of psychopathology, between eastern and western european colleagues. You can consult the numbers of the journal, the books in catalogue, and the calendar of the manifestations (conventions and seminaries).

Which is the meaning of "territory" in Italian psychiatry?

Territory is a term employed in Italy, after the more utopistic and radical reform law, in order to define a critical attitude toward the tradition of clinical psychiatry. We have meant territory like country or fatherland, the concrete resources of a socio-cultural context, with the historical roots.

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Web site Editorial Board: Marco Casonato (Torino), Roland Kuhn (Scherzingen), Alexander Mironenko (Lviv), Ermanno Pavesi (Zurigo), Andrea Sabbadini (Londra).

Bridging Eastern and Western Psychiatrists
Мост между Восточной и Западной психиатрией

Editors in Chief: Mario Di Fiorino (Italy), Maria Luisa Figueira (Portugal).
Editorial Board: Evgeny Krupitsky (Russia), Alexander Filts (Ukraine), Manuel Paes de Sousa (Portugal), Salomon Resnik (France), Konstantin Danielyan (Armenia), Elisabeth Weller (USA), Borut Skodlar (Slovenia), Andrzej Cechnicki (Poland), Mikhail Reshetnikov (Russia), Rasim Somer Diler (Turkey), Christa Krüger (South Africa), Bogdana Tudorache (Romania), Johan Vanderlinden (Belgium), Marco Chiesa (United Kingdom), Sladana Ivezic (Croatia), Matteo Balestrieri (Italy), Anwar Y. Ghali (USA).

Editorial Staff. Arman Danielyan Alfredo Gemignani (coordinators),
Manuela Garuglieri, Bernardo Spazzapan, Paolo Scocco, Sandro Rodighiero, Luigi Sartore, Angelo Cassin, Rosanna Ceglie, Michele Procacci (Italy), José Manuel Jara,Fernando Medeiros Paiva, Lara Severino (Portugal) Maruke Yeghian, Khachatour Gasparyan, Arman Danielyan (Armenia), Ellina Melnik, Stephen Yevchuk, Tatiana Roketa (Ukraine).

Managing Editor Taras Dasho (Ukraine).

Bridging Eastern and Western Psychiatry Ukraine , is published in two volumes mailed semiyearly by Leopolis agency, Schurat st. 5/6, Lviv, Ukraine.
The first volume is published in English, the second in Russian. The journal is aimed to increase relationshiops between Eastern and Western psychiatrists. It organizes conferences and promotes collaborative works and educational programs.
Articles are accepted for publication on the condition that they are original contributions, submitted solely to our journal.
Bridging Eastern and Western Psychiatry will consider for publication manuscripts, pertaining to the psychological reflection and the psychiatric praxis, with particular attention to the community psychiatry, prepared in accordance with the following editorial rules:

- The articles, typescript in duplicate, must contain the title, the author, the Department or the Institute of belonging and a summary, in English, and in Russian for the Russian volume, not longer than 10 lines (please employ New Times Roman cyrillic character). The articles must be signed by the authors. The articles sent on Ms- Dos or Windows floppy disks (51/4, max 360K and 31/2) will have priority. In order to facilitate the conversion, files must be written in doc or rtf formats. The tables should be typewritten with New Times Roman and Arial typefaces. The figures and diagrams should be written in files with PICT format.
- figures, tables and photos must be equipped, on the reverse, with the numbering corresponding to the one of the typewritten text, with the name of the author, the title of the article and a pointer that indicates the verso. A legend, typed double spaced, must accompany each illustrations.
- The manuscript should include a title page, which should include the authors’ degrees, one or two main institutional affiliations, and the address to which correspondence should be sent, abstract, text, acknowledgements, references. Pages should be numbered consecutively, beginning with the title page,
- The bibliographical reference on the text must indicate the name of the author and the year of publication of the article or the book in the original language.
- Bibliography at the end of the article must be listed by the progressive order of quotation in the text. In the following style:
Journal article: it must be indicated the family name of the author with the initial of the first name (all the authors must be quoted; expressions such as “et al.” or “and coll.” are not accepted), the title of the article, the title of the journal or the volume, the publication year, the volume number, the instalment number, the pages.
Di Fiorino M, Gemignani A., Balestrieri M.: The atypical antipsychotics of second generation for the treatment of aggressive behaviour. Psichiatria e Territorio, 2001; 2, 1-7.
Books: it must be indicated the family name with the initial of the first name of the author or of the editor with in parenthesis (Ed) or (Eds), the title of the book, the town, the publisher, the year.
Marks, I.M.: Fear, Phobias and Rituals. Panic, Anxiety, and Their Disorders. Oxford, Oxford University Press. 1987
Chapters in a book: it must be indicated at first the family name with the initial of the first name of the Author of the chapter, the chapter title, the family name of the editor with the initial of the first name with in parenthesis (Ed) or (Eds), the title of the book, the town, the publisher, the year.
Kent S.A.: David Berg: Il Profeta della Lussuria. In: Caparesi C., Di Fiorino M, Kent S.A.: Costretti ad amare. Saggi sui bambini di Dio/The Family. Forte dei Marmi, Psichiatria e Territorio, 2002, 57-69.
- The covering letter must indicate an Author as correspondent, with the address and telephone number (and E mail).
- The articles must be sent to the Editor in Chief, Mario Di Fiorino, M.D., via Montauti, 4 I-55042 Forte dei Marmi (Italy) , by mail and/or to difiorin
- Essays will be reviewed for the acceptance by Referees chosen by Editorial Board. Typewritten articles, that have not been asked for, will not be given back.

Copyright of the articles is owened by the Journal and it will not produce any royalties in favour of the Author.
Signed articles express exclusively the opinions of the Author. Because of rapid advances in the medical sciences, we recommend that the independent verification of diagnoses and drug dosages should be made.

Editorial correspondence should be addressed to Mario Di Fiorino, MD, via Montauti, 4 I-55042 Forte dei Marmi (Italy) E Mail: difiorin

This journal has been registered like supplement with the Copyright of “Psichiatria e Territorio”. Consent is given for copying of articles for personal or internal use of specific clients. This consent does not extend to other kinds of copying, such as for general distribution, resale, advertising or promotional purposes.

Subscription rates: Institutional Rate. 35 € (or $) for Customers in Europe 55 € (or $) in USA and Canada and other countries.
Any inquiry relating to subscription should be sent to: Leopolis agency Managing: dr. Taras Dasho, 79000 Schurat str 5/6, Lviv (Ukraine)
E Mail
Change of addresses notices, including the old and the new addresses of the subscriber, should be sent at least one month in advance.

This website has a

An Ukrainian editorial office
Ukrainian section for Bridging Eastern and Western Psychiatry.
President: Dr. Stephan Yevchuk,
Manager Dr. Taras Dasho
On the 21 of March in Lviv Ukraine during the conference “The varieties of depressive experiences” was founded Ukrainian “Association Bridging Western and Eastern psychiatry”, which is registered and included in the list of non-govermental organizations by Ukrainian ministry of justice.
The main aims of the association are an organization and participation in the Ukrainian and international scientific and educational programs; the development of the links between scientific and educational institutions; the development of the climate of tolerance in the society toward mental ill based on the constitutional rights, which are guaranteed to all the members of the society including mental ill. The association was founded by11 medical doctors and 2 lawyers.
The President of the association: Stepan Yevchuk , psychiatrist, Kiev
The council of association:
Yaroslav Chulovskiy (medical doctor, Lviv)
Tatiana Roketa psychiatrist, Kiev
Yuriy Dasho, medical doctor, chief in infectional hospital Lviv
The revisional committee of the organization:
Volodymyr Semeniv , medical doctor, Lviv
Dasho Taras , lawyer, Lviv
Kondratiuk Yarema ,lawyer, Lviv .

An Armenian editorial office:
The Association of Child Psychiatrists and Psychologists of Armenia (ACPP), established in 1997, the first (since Armenia became an independent country in 1991) and the only one professional non-governmental non-profit organization, dealing with various issues of child and adolescent mental health. This includes clinical, academic, research, administrative and organizational issues.
ACPP unites all the child psychiatrists of Armenia, and most of the child psychologists and other child mental health professionals. We have done several projects with international organizations and charities, including public education, education of the primary health care professionals to recognize mental health problems in children and adolescents, and many others.
Dr. Arman Danielyan, MD or
Dr. Maruke Yeghiyan (president)
Dr. Kachatour Gasparyan (vice president)
Dr. Armenak Mkhitaryan (secretary general)

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