vol. II, num. 2, 2004

Some essential psychopathological ideas of Arthur Tatossian (1929-1995)

Riccardo Dalle Luche
Psychiatric Ward for Acute Patients
Psychiatric Department ASL 1 Massa e Carrara (Italy)

Some essential psychopathological ideas of Arthur Tatossian (1929-1995)


The paper is an attempt to draw out the more original psychopathological works the essential ideas of the French psychiatrist Arthur Tatossian. These concern mainly the disturbance of I in psychotic and major depressive conditions, viewed expecially from an Husserlian method. Both the inability to constitute an empiric reality (in psychotic or schizophrenic patients) or to transcend the empiric reality (in premelancholic patients) demonstrate how the impairment of subjectivity function is a necessary condition of every major psychopathological phenomena. This assumption has both consequences for psychodynamic models and psychotherapeutic practice, both create some links with more sophisticated recent research on biological bases of self awareness and subjectivity.

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