Violence and criminality

Alessandro Bani, Marina Miniati and Mario Di Fiorino

Violence and criminality
From the CHAPTER VII of Aggressivness, Psichiatria e Territorio (1997)

Clinical aspects

M. Di Fiorino, A. Bani

Violent behaviour and homicide are very frequent phenomena, carried out in very many ways and with innumerable motivations involving both personal motivation (of the "offender", as personality, mental health, family and works relations), and social motivations, as race, culture, social class, religion.

Violence and criminality are often two faces of the same coin and are objects of the study of sociologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, jurists and criminologists. However, the definition of crime derives from various factors, even if is evident the important influence of the laws in the definition of a "criminal act". As Volavka noted in his book "Neurobiology of Violence" (1995), there are close resemblances between "criminal" and "not criminal" violence. Aggressivity is always present in these behaviours as a propulsive thrust to the act and may have characteristics those supply us with findings able to reveal the degree of intention, aggressivity and "cruelty".

The approaches of research are complex and heterogeneous, based now on epidemiological and statistical data, now on clinical variables, in relation to sociological or individual studies.

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